The latest study from accountancy firm Shelley Stock Hutter makes interesting reading for those interested in youth enterprise education. It reveals a huge appetite for entrepreneurship amongst young people as did last years Princes Trust / RBS survey.
65% of young people questioned said they would like to run their own business when they are older, with nearly half of these saying they want to do this before they reach 25.
The survey also reveals that 8 out of 10 young people feel they don’t get the information they need to take the first step to make their dreams a reality.
We Walk The Line Is a community interest company and not for profit which has developed an innovative holistic supported entrepreneurship model aiming to address the very barriers outlined in the Shelley Stock Hutter survey.
We aim to support young people in that crucial first step period and provide hands on experiential learning in how to start up and run their own business.
We Walk The Line model is around setting up and running a Eco-friendly sustainable coffee stall to provide the young person with the valuable experience they need to take these transferable skills to either continue to run this business as a social franchise at the end of the supported period or to take a percentage of the profits of the stall as a grant to set up their own business now once they have the transferable skills to succeed.
Just one in ten respondents believe their school is giving them enough information, with the remainder undecided – if you work for a school or college and would like more information on We Walk The Line CIC get in touch – we are an innovative non profit start up here to help!